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Aritst: Cary Ann Hearst
Album: Lions and Lambs

01. The Hardest Thing
02. Hell's Bells
03. Can't Say Goodbye
04. Eastern Continental Divide
05. Are You Ready To Die?
06. The LastTime
07. American Made Machine
08. The Thread
09. Forsaken Blues
10. Who's Gonna Raise These Babies

"Dive bars, dirt roads, gun racks: Songs by Cary Ann Hearst don't shy away from much. It's no coincidence that the South Carolina singer-songwriter named her dog after Townes Van Zandt — her sound owes a lot to the outlaw country tradition Van Zandt helped define".

National Public Radio
Aritst: Joel T. Hamilton
Album: Feels Like We're Gonna Win

01. Weight Plan
02. Gunnin
03. All That I
04. Dead Man's Float Part I
05. Dead Man's FLoat Part II
06. Hide Away
07. Trust
08. Holy Hell Part I
09. Holy Hell Part 2
10. I Need Love
11. Sleeping With You

"Feels Like We're Gonna Win is an album with no concessions to traditional song-based forms. There's a willingness to use an odd mix of styles to create diverting music. Feels Like We're Gonna Win features the wildly imaginative streak that made Hamilton's first solo efforts so exciting. With top-notch colleagues, the absence of fancy gear and high budgets don't impair him in the least. Hamilton's fine-tuned process is something special"
Aritst: Michael trent
Album: The Winner

01. The Winner
02. Tell the Truth
03. Complicated Type
04. Kitchen / Hallway
05. Daily Routine
06. Splintered Fence
07. Bad Luck
08. All or Nuthin'
09. All Those Words
10. L Bird
11. When I...

Michael Trent is both prolific and well revised. He currently functions as the front man and primary songwriter for the NYC rock band The Films. He bears the pop sensibility of the 60's British invasion, the sardonic wit of Elvis Costello, emotional poigniancy of Elliot Smith, and the Townes Van Zant- like turn of phrase. His lyrics are clever and biting, but can, in very few words, shatter the listeners heart .
Aritst: Bill Carson
Album: Say It, Don't Spray It

01. In the End
02. Birds
03. Santa Monica
04. Dora
05. Into the Woods
06. Metal/Other
07. The Miller's House
08. Tiny Creature
09. Coronets
10. I've Got A Good Friend

"The album flows nicely, gaining careful momentum along the way, from the more spare and airy songs in the first half into the more dynamic, full-band style that rocks and bounces with a louder style...If the well-textured, finely-executed band treatment of Carson's new album resembles the musical vibes of Shrimp's inner circle, great things should be expected from the label in the near future.

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